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Project Team Chat

Improve communication within team to get your projects going.

30-days Free Trial on all accounts!

Stay on top of the things

Direct emails, commits, tickets and project activity to your rooms.

No additional software required

Chat from your Browser, your Instant Messenger or your Mobile Phone.

Keeps transcripts and files

Find an important discussion or file when you need it.

Suits your workflow

Add rooms for projects, departments or support.

Out-of-the box integration with other services

Version control systems, bug trackers, user support and more. Everything in real time. Use our API to integrate Jaconda with your services. Check out our Integration guide to know more.

«We switched to Jaconda from Campfire and never looked back, great alternative, right on!»
Nick Ostrovsky, firedev.com

Secure environment

All communication via XMPP is done with TLS encryption. Web-chat is SSL-enabled on all accounts. We also make daily backups of all data in order to ensure long-term data durability. We never publish or share data with 3rd parties.

We are a small distributed team, read more About Us.   Jaconda accepts: Visa MasterCard